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How to Include Waitressing in a Professional Experience Resume

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No matter what type of resume format you choose, you are not obligated to include all of your work experience if it is not directly related to the job you are applying for. However, if you have little experience in general and want to add content to your resume, you can add your waitressing job to your professional experience section. The way in which you include waitressing in your resume depends on the resume format you are using.

Chronological Resume

Type the name of the restaurant, its location (city/state), and your job title, such as "Waitress" or "Food Server," in the "Experience" section.

Type the dates you were employed at the restaurant, using the month/year format.

Type a list of three to five duties you were responsible for as a waitress at that particular restaurant, choosing those skills and responsibilities that relate to the job you are applying for. For example, "Aided customers in choosing menu items based on allergies and dietary requirements" would be an ideal duty to add for a former waitress applying for a nursing assistant job.

Functional Resume

Include any waitress-specific and/or transferable skills in the "Skills" section of your resume. Use incomplete sentences and avoid use of first person. For example: "Outstanding interpersonal skills" and "Proficient in operating espresso machine."

Type the name of the restaurant and its location (city/state) in your "Experience" section.

Type your job title, such as "Waitress" or "Food Server," below the name of the restaurant, followed by the dates you were employed in month/year format.


Transferable skills are those that are applicable to many different jobs. As a waitress, your transferable skills likely include customer service, communication skills and the ability to remain calm and productive under high-pressure situations.


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