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How to Write a Resume if You Work for One Company for a Long Time

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Working at a single company for an extended period of time results in a large amount of work experience. To a potential employer, this can be considered beneficial or disadvantageous. When writing a resume after a long period of employment in a company, there are some keys to include that might increase your marketability.

Write a cover letter that is designed specifically for the new company. It is always tempting to write a cover letter that covers any potential job, but a cover letter that is specific to the company shows an interest in the potential work.

Provide information in the overview that covers both the preferred work and the reason for leaving the long-term job. Leaving a job after years in the same company results in curiosity. Remain positive and provide the information. Options for explanations include changing career paths, broadening experiences or completing a new degree.

List the types of jobs that the long-term employment resulted in. For example, list promotions rather than a series of past jobs that are no longer relevant. Provide job descriptions for new job positions within the company.

Give detailed information about the previous employment company. List contact information such as company name, address, phone number and individuals to contact within the company such as the manager or supervisor.

Include educational degrees. In a resume for an individual that has worked a long time at one company, educational degrees are added after the employment information.

Create a section for accomplishments. Include awards given throughout employment and anything given outside of work.

Edit the resume. Most job positions do not require more than a single page on the resume. Take out any work experience, awards or interests that are unrelated to the position in which you are applying. Every company and job will need different experiences to highlight. A resume is a peek at the person’s abilities as it relates the company. The interview allows further elaboration about skills, awards, abilities and experiences that are not necessarily a key skill for the company.


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