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Duties & Responsibilities of a Sales Coordinator

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Sales coordinators work in a broad range of industries, managing sales teams on behalf of their organizations. Sales coordinators use their sales experience and leadership skills to motivate staff, handle administrative duties and promote customer satisfaction. Being a sales coordinator can be a step towards a position with greater responsibilities and higher pay. If you're interested in a sales career, a position as a sales coordinator is a good option. With such variety in industry and work environment, you're bound to find a position that suits your qualifications.

Sales Coordinator Job Description

A sales coordinator manages a sales team within an organization. It's usually the sales coordinator's job to hire staff and work with them to ensure quotas and goals are met. Sales coordinator responsibilities can also include managing the budget for expenses such as bonuses, marketing and travel; training sales staff so they understand the company's products or services; and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Sales coordinators may work directly with customers. In the hotel industry, for example, the sales coordinator may answer questions in person, by phone or by email. Part of the job might include scheduling and marketing events. The sales coordinator may be responsible for giving tours of the facilities. Sales coordinator tasks vary by employer and by type of organization. Wherever the sales coordinator works, the primary responsibility is to help make money for the organization by making products and services as attractive as possible to potential customers.

Education Requirements

Although there are no formal education requirements for a sales coordinator, many employers look for candidates who have a bachelor's degree in a business-related field, along with some sales experience. Having computer skills, especially proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel and Access, are often a plus.

Sales coordinators need expertise in the industry in which they work, and a thorough knowledge of their company's products or services. They must keep abreast with the latest trends and regulations that inform their industry. The sales field is often a fast-paced environment, and part of the sales coordinator requirements is the ability to multi-task and work effectively under stressful conditions. Sales coordinators need excellent communications and leadership skills.

Work Environment

Just as sales coordinator tasks vary, so do work environments. Sales coordinators work in hospitality, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and other settings. Travel may be required. Depending on the company and the industry, sales coordinators may work overtime, and they may have to work evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.

Salary and Job Outlook

Salaries typically range from $26,912 to $55,818, but a lot depends on the employer and industry, the geographic location and experience of the sales coordinator. Some companies offer commissions, bonuses and profit sharing, which can add significantly to base pay.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks data and makes projections for civilian occupations, job growth for sales managers and first-line sales supervisors is expected to be average through 2026. The jobs website PayScale reports that more than half of the people working as sales coordinators have been in their positions for four years or less. Likely, that's because sales coordinator tasks are excellent preparation for promotion to related and higher paying positions, such as account manager, sales and marketing coordinator, marketing director and regional sales manager.


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