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Job Description for a Creative Project Coordinator

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A creative project coordinator is someone who handles various promotional aspects of a company. They typically manage the marketing or advertising departments. The top priority for creative project coordinator is to sell their organization‘s “brand,” as well as its products and services, to potential consumers. Creative project coordinators are employed by everything from start-up businesses to large corporations.


Creative project coordinators work with other departments within the company, such as graphics, to help build and maintain an image and sell products. They interact with clients, reporters and upper management on a regular basis, focusing on the positive aspects of their organization. They are aware of the company’s history and play a large role in its future, keeping an eye on the competition and analyzing trends within their industry. While creative project coordinators aren’t salesmen, they do often come up with innovative ways to make sales.


Creative project coordinators must be highly innovative and clever when it comes to developing strategies aimed at improving the company’s marketing mission. They need to be organized, analytical, energetic, persuasive and resilient. Also, if the project coordinator is in charge of a staff, she must feel comfortable offering instructions and getting employees to perform at a high level. Other than that, creative project coordinators should have a working knowledge of computers, since much of their promotional efforts are done via the company website, as well as through email.


The majority of creative project coordinators have obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree. That’s especially true of those who work for larger corporations. Along with marketing, most creative project coordinators focus on courses in advertising, sales and communications. They also often spend time in the lower levels of the field before being put in charge of an entire department. Some have spent time working in various forms of sales, public relations or advertising.


Jobs for creative project coordinators, or marketing managers, are expected to be readily available at least through 2018. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), marketing managers are projected to experience a 14 percent growth in employment during the next decade.


If a creative project coordinator does, in fact, handle the same duties of a marketing manager, she can expect to be fairly well compensated. That’s because marketing managers earned anywhere from nearly $50,000 to more than $124,000 per year in 2010, according to Much depended on the marketing manager’s industry and overall responsibilities.


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