Special Projects Coordinator Job Description

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The special projects coordinator oversees various projects within an organization. The position requires candidates to have the ability to supervise others and organize the various tasks involved in completing a project. The job description for a special projects coordinator may include skills and knowledge of a particular industry, but there are common duties in the position among all industries.


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The coordinator position organizes the team working on the special project within an organization. This includes delegating tasks to other employees and conducting regular meetings with team members to monitor the status of the project. The special projects coordinator reports to upper management on the progress of the project. The coordinator also schedules the meetings with other team members to ensure that the project stays on track.


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A special projects coordinator must have the skills to supervise other employees to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. The coordinator must also supervise and monitor the work of outside contractors and vendors in relation to the project.


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The project and the findings from other team members must be documented and reported to upper management. The special projects coordinator is responsible for collecting the necessary data and reporting on each step in the project. The coordinator may use the information system within the organization to prepare reports and document the progress of the project. Documentation may also include budgets and projected budgets for the project including the cost of outside contractors and services.


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A special project in an organization that seeks to improve a process or product requires research before an appropriate course of action can be taken. The coordinator will conduct research or direct other team members to conduct the research.

This also includes research when using the services of an organization or hiring an outside contractor. The special projects coordinator must research the cost and experience of contractors.


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The coordinator shall analyze research data to find the root cause of a problem or defect. The coordinator and team use the analysis to direct the course of the project to get the desired results.

Coordination of Services

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The coordinator will hire the services of outside organizations or professionals to complete work on the project. Upper management may be consulted in regards to budget and special requirements for the outside service provider.


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A special projects coordinator has an average salary of $45,000 as of March, 2010.