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What Are the Duties of a Project Administrator?

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Organizations use project administrators to oversee the day-to-day operations of projects that can include everything from construction, product development and new software roll-outs. As the lead for the project, the administrator coordinates and manages all of its aspects and phases, from planning to deliverables. The project administrator oversees all of these elements to ensure a successful process and a completed project.


The planning stage is critical to the success of the project. As one of her main duties, the project administrator develops the plan to complete the project. One of the first stages in project planning is establishing a budget, scheduling a timeline and choosing the staff for the project. She ensures that the project is structured in compliance with organization and project missions and goals. As the lead, she will provide guidance to the project's team.

Staff Management

The project manager might be involved with choosing the staff for the project, or he might work with an assigned team, depending upon the organization's internal structure. As the administrator, he creates the guidelines and measurements for the staff and assigns roles based on talents, skills and abilities. He answers any questions that may arise and works to resolve any problems the staff may experience while working on the project. As the manager, his job is to help the staff to succeed.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking allows the project administrator to asses individual team members and overall project performance. She might establish milestones that need completion at specific points during the project. By tracking the key milestones, the administrator can asses the project's status and make course corrections or adjustments. Ongoing tracking helps to establish the areas or team members that might need readjustment or coaching.


Because blocks can happen to slow progress on specific points of the project, the project administrator works with her team to come up with solutions. She holds periodic team meetings to analyze progress of the project. She utilizes her team input's to make the decisions to adjust the plan, budget or timeline as needed.


The project administrator has the overall responsibility for communication. That includes internal team communication and reporting the project's progress to her higher-ups in the organization. She makes certain that everyone involved in the project stays abreast of project happenings. She maintains and integrates project plans and ensures that all the key parties are advised. She could do this through weekly meetings, periodic e-mail updates or project reports.


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