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How to Write a Project Scope

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As a project manager, one of your most important tasks is to write a scope statement for every project. A project scope statement lists the why and how of every project and justifies the implementation of a plan through quantitative results. Clearly delineating the desired outcomes also protects you from abrupt changes that may be requested from the project initiators. Writing a project scope statement can be difficult, but that preparation could save you time and effort down the road.

Write a project charter citing the reason for creating and implementing a project. This includes an overview of the need for the project and of the desired outcome.

Describe the desired outcome or product. Describe tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve the desired outcome, any issues or work items that do not fall under the scope of the project, and how the project will fit with other company projects.

List the component goals of the project, such as the milestones that will mark the path toward completion of the larger project.

Address the quantifiable measures of the completed project. Include total cost, net profit, and improvements in specific time measures related to the project.


Be as specific and quantifiable as possible when writing the project scope.