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Job Description: EDI Analyst

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An EDI analyst is also known as an electronic data interchange analyst. A person in this position helps a firm improve the efficiency of operating information systems and the quality, security and integrity of data that a company shares with business partners.

An Analyst's Tasks

An EDI analyst automates a company's EDI transactions with customers and suppliers, manages corporate EDI projects and ensures that personnel abide by EDI technical standards. She also provides guidance to the EDI technical team and identifies EDI methodologies to improve the firm's operating processes.

Qualitative Abilities and Tools

An EDI analyst role typically requires an analytical penchant and time management aptitude, according to O*Net OnLine. Having effective communication skills is critical. To perform the necessary duties, an EDI analyst often uses Web servers, multiconductor cables, motherboards and component-oriented development software, such as ILOG Rules and C++.

Education and Salary

Employers require that job candidates have a bachelor’s degree in information technology management, engineering or computer science to qualify for an EDI analyst position. According to the job resources portal Indeed, an EDI analyst earned average yearly wages of $88,000 as of 2014.


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