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Automation Specialist Job Description

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An automation specialist helps improve an organization's operating systems through the review, testing, repair and maintenance of these systems. Operating mechanisms include computer systems and networks, as well as manufacturing processes.


An automation specialist develops web-based programs used to automate the collection, transformation and delivery of a company's operating data. The specialist also tests the performance of operating systems, installs electrical or electronic parts, and inspects equipment to detect potential defects.

Skills, Competencies and Tools

An automation specialist must have math acumen, effective communication skills and manual dexterity. Good vision and hearing also helps. To perform the necessary tasks competently, an automation specialist often uses analytical software and robots.

Education and Compensation

An automation specialist usually has a four-year college degree in computer science, information systems or electrical engineering. Employers often hire automation specialists who have an associate degree and practical experience. As of 2010, the average annual earnings of automation specialists is $66,000, according to the job resources website Indeed.


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