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Data Controller Job Description

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Data controllers ensure that corporate operating information is safe and accurate. They play an important role in business decision-making processes because top executives take short-term and long-term initiatives based on available operating information.

Job Specifications

A data controller defines information monitoring software, provides detailed specifications for data applications, and implements operating software in business processes, activity phases and other corporate systems. She often develops and establishes data retrieval procedures and maps data between source systems and data warehouses.

Qualitative Abilities, Tools and Technologies

To perform tasks competently, a data controller must have good communication skills and be customer-oriented. He also must be able to work in teams and establish effective relationships with clients, peers and superiors. It is also helpful to have good programming skills in object-oriented design and the C++ and DOORS programming languages.

Academic Credentials and Earnings

Companies prefer job applicants with bachelor’s degrees in computer science or electrical engineering to fill data controller vacancies. As of 2010, the average annual wages of data controllers were $55,000, according to the job resources portal Indeed.


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