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Manufacturing Production Coordinator Job Description

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A manufacturing production coordinator works to ensure that production schedules are met and shipments to customers are completed on time. The coordinator works with planning, purchasing, production and shipping to expedite product through the manufacturing organization.


The production coordinator determines the work schedule based on customer orders and the availability of raw materials and production capacity. Coordinators work with purchasing to ensure that production materials are available and adjust the schedule when necessary.


Employers require the manufacturing production coordinator to have experience in the industry and knowledge of supply chain management. Production coordinators can advance to the position from production or an inventory clerk position.


Production coordinators must be organized and practice time management to stay on top of production schedules. A coordinator should have good communication skills to work with different departments within the organization.


The salary of a production coordinator is between $34,832 and $51,704 as of July 2010, according to a PayScale survey. The salary of a production coordinator depends on the industry and location of the business.


Manufacturing production coordinators can work in any type of manufacturing industry such as electronics or automobiles. Production coordinators should be familiar with the production methods, materials and final products in the industry.


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