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Description of a Production Control Coordinator

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A production control coordinator coordinates and expedites the flow of work, communication and materials inside or between departments within a business. This is done in accordance to the production schedule, according to O*Net, a publication by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A program control coordinator is also known as a production, planning and expediting clerk.


A production control coordinator compiles and analyzes records and reports on production. Coordinators review production objectives, deadlines and work orders to determine priorities. Coordinators distribute specific and efficient production schedules and duties to departments.


According to the BLS May 2020 wage data as stated by O*Net, the national median hourly wage for a production, planning and expediting clerk was $18.50 and the median salary was $38,470.

Environment and Hours

Production control coordinators work within a comfortable and well-lit office. Most workers typically work a 40-hour workweek; however, they may work overtime during deadline.

Education and Training

According to O*Net, employers are looking for candidates with at least a high school diploma. Two recognized apprenticeships exist: Supercargo and material coordinator. Some production control coordinators learn from on-the-job training.

Job Outlook

Employment for production, planning and expediting clerks is expected to experience little or no growth through 2028, according to the BLS. Job opportunities are better within industries experiencing projected fast growth, such as wholesale trade and warehousing.


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