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Product Development Coordinator Job Description

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A product development coordinator oversees the life cycle of a product, from its initial engineering through to its marketing to the public. Product development coordinators may work with multiple products for an organization.


Product development coordinators lead research and development projects for new products in an organization. The coordinator works with multiple departments in an organization to bring a product to market including engineering, production and marketing. The product coordinator conducts research to develop new products to meet the needs of the customer.


The product development coordinator must have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business management or engineering to work in the position. Employers may require actual experience in engineering or marketing to work in this position as well.


Product coordinators must be skilled in marketing and conducting market research. The coordinator must have computer skills in the role. He also must have written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to present information to upper management. A product coordinator must have the ability to lead project teams for product development.


The average salary for a product development coordinator is $57,000 as of July 2010, according to The salary of the coordinator depends on the industry and geographic location of the business.


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