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Expediter Job Description

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Expediting clerks are a part of the supply chain in manufacturing organizations. The expediter works to maintain the movement of materials from vendors and suppliers or between departments in an organization. The role of the expediter requires the ability to remain organized and on top of scheduled shipments and production goals.


Purchasing is responsible for placing orders with vendors and suppliers. The expediter monitors the orders to be sure that the materials are delivered in the specified amount of time. Organizations that maintain lean inventories rely on vendors to deliver materials as they are needed. The expediter plays a vital role in making sure that production has the resources it needs to run.

Job Duties

Expediters maintain a record of the outstanding purchase orders and they contact vendors through telephone calls, by email and in person. Vendors relay information regarding delays in shipments, which the expediter works to resolve. The expediting clerk maintains contact with the shipping or transportation company to prevent delays in shipments.

The expediting clerk also monitors shipments to ensure that purchase order information matches the shipment. This can include the quantity and quality of materials. The expediter resolves inconsistencies in the order.


An expediter must have organizational skills to monitor a number of orders from multiple vendors. The position requires someone with verbal and written communication skills for contact with suppliers during the expediting process.

Expediting clerks must have skills in office software and have a basic understanding of Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP).


A high school diploma is all that is necessary to work as an expediter. Employers may require expediters to have experience in the company. Also, knowledge of the parts and materials used in production may be required for expediters.


The median salary for an expediter was $34,381 as of November 2009, according to Salary depends on the size of the company and the experience of the worker. Expediters may advance into planning or purchasing positions.


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