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Duties of an MEP Coordinator

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MEP coordinators are responsible for managing all components of a construction project related to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing, or MEP, elements of the facility. Typically employed by contractors or construction firms, MEPs combine a wide technical knowledge of these fields with the management skills necessary to coordinate the work of a number of different employees.


MEP coordinators generally begin their work at the earliest phase of the project, when plans are still being drawn up and the final design has not yet been completed. Coordinators offer technical input related to the cost and feasibility of various designs.


Once a preliminary design has been settled on, MEP coordinators typically help develop a budget that outlines the costs related to the projects elements within their purview. This includes estimates of the cost of labor, materials and special fees.

Preparing Technical Documents

After a final design has been green-lighted, an MEP will help prepare all technical documents necessary for the project's completion, including blueprints, environmental impact statements and other forms that must be submitted to contractors, clients, community groups and government agencies.

Hiring Personnel

Often the MEP coordinator is responsible for hiring personnel, including subcontractors, to work on the project's MEP elements. This requires the MEP to have a knowledge of local professionals and construction firms, as well as some familiarity with labor laws.

Coordinating Project Members

Once construction begins, the MEP coordinator's primary duty is to act as a liaison between different parties working on the project. For example, the MEP coordinator employed by HITT Contracting must coordinate all MEP trade workers with the project's superintendent, subcontractors and project team, as well as manage communication between the subcontractors, field staff, project team and clients.

Ensuring Safety

Unless the project has a special professional charged with ensuring that proper safety procedures have been established and are being followed, the MEP is the de facto party responsible for ensuring that work site remains safe for all employees and visitors.

Handling Invoices

As part of his work as a liaison between the subcontractors and the rest of the project team, as well as in keeping with his duties related to the project's budget, the MEP coordinator collects and disseminates invoices, making sure that all parties are properly compensated.

Supervising Subcontractors

The MEP coordinator is charged with supervising the work performed by the subcontractors under his jurisdiction. This demands regular on-site inspections during which the MEP inspects the subcontractors' work for quality and to ensure that it adheres to the project's specifications.


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