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What Are the Duties of an Erection Engineer?

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Erection engineers are often invaluable individuals behind the scenes at major erection projects. An erection engineer oversees the major components of an erection, including budgetary concerns, time management, supply cycles, and safety regulations. Though erection engineers have specific duties, the job can encompass a wide variety of functions at an erection site.

Cost Estimation for Erection

The erection engineer is responsible for providing a cost estimation of the total erection, from start to finish, to the contractor. Erection engineers must also determine the costs of all personnel involved in executing the erection.

Enforcing Safety During the Erection

Erection engineers are accountable for creating an atmosphere of safety at the work site. Rules and regulations must be understood by all erection employees, and continually implemented during building. An erection engineer can be held accountable for significant workplace mishaps, even if the accident is not directly the fault of the engineer.

Supervising the Erection

An erection must be finished in a timely manner, or by a specific date, for a variety of reasons. There are often incentives for finishing erections early or on time, including contractor bonuses. The erection engineer makes certain that the erection hits set goals on time throughout the project. In addition to time concerns, the erection engineer must monitor supply levels to ensure that the project does not run out of critical erection components. For example, an exhausted supply of wood could delay an erection for hours or days, which could directly effect the completion date.

Customer Liaison

Customer relations are often a major task for the erection engineer. The erection engineer is often the person in contact with the customer who ordered the erection, often giving status updates and taking design suggestions.