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The Duties of an Electrical Inspector

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Electrical inspectors are employed by state and local governments to ensure that proper safety codes are followed with respect to a building's electrical wiring and other electrical components. The specific duties of an electrical inspector include viewing non-residential building's electrical installations for any discernible defects. Electrical inspectors also advise building owners how to correct electrical problems in an efficient manner to bring a building up to code.

Examines Installation of Electrical Systems

During construction of new buildings, an electrical inspector visits the project site and inspects the installation of the building's electrical system to find defects. While making sure that the system is working properly, the inspector also makes sure that the electrical wiring systems comply with existing building codes. Other electrical components, such as air conditioning systems and generators, are also checked by the inspector to make sure they are working properly.

Investigates Code Violation Occurances

During a typical work week, an electrical inspector may be sent to various building sites to investigate reported code violations with electrical systems. While inspecting the building for these code violations, the inspector takes notes about what he finds that needs to repaired immediately and creates a violation report for the building's owner.

Monitors Assigned Construction Areas

As the need arises, an electrical inspector may be called upon to monitor areas at construction sites to determine if proper code guidelines are being followed by the construction team. Specific construction areas where work is being performed without a permit need to be monitored by the inspector so that warnings can be given to the construction boss if safety regulations are not being followed. Dangerous areas with ongoing construction are monitored by the electrical inspector as well.

Advises Contractors on Construction Code

When installation of a new building's electrical system violates code, the electrical inspector must advise the project's contractor about the violation. While explaining the problem with the installation process of the electrical system to the contractor, the inspector goes over in great detail the best way to deal with the problem as effectively as possible.


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