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The Duties of a Building Operator

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A building operator serves many functions. They ensure that a building's heating and cooling, mechanical and electrical equipment are running effectively. The exact duties of the building operator will depend, in part, on the structure or structures that need to be maintained. They also may oversee other employees who assist in making repairs to the building's equipment.


Inspecting equipment, both inside and outside of the building, is a key component of a building operator's job. Building operators need to ensure that everything is up to code. They also need to watch out for potential problems before they develop into full-blown disasters. Preventative care will save the building operator work in the future and the building's owner money and grief.


Regular maintenance work is another important duty of the successful building operator. Heating and cooling, electrical and mechanical equipment all require certain upkeep from time to time. When maintenance work is neglected, machines and equipment may break down. This can cause unsafe conditions.


When something does break down, it must be repaired. A building operator is responsible for making these repairs. If they are unqualified to repair the equipment themselves, it is their duty to find and hire someone who can take care of the issue. If proper inspection and maintenance work has been done, repairs should be minimal. If a piece of equipment cannot be repaired, the building operator must arrange to have the item replaced. This is usually done in conjunction with the building's owner.


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