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What Are the Duties of a Property Service Manager?

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Property service managers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks related to the upkeep and management of facilities. They may work for apartment communities as well as companies that manage rental property or commercial complexes.

Building Maintenance

Property service managers must make certain that the physical structures they oversee are properly maintained. Duties might include scheduling and carrying out inspections, as well as overseeing structural repairs and improvements. They are also responsible for preventive maintenance, such as changing air filters and ordering seasonal duct cleaning, as well as emergency repair work.

Grounds Upkeep

In addition to handling structural repairs, property service managers are responsible for grounds upkeep, including both regularly scheduled maintenance and any repair work that may be needed. This includes lawn maintenance, landscaping, parking lot maintenance, swimming pool upkeep and ensuring that exterior lighting is in good working order.

Regulatory Compliance

Property service managers must help keep their employers in compliance with all applicable laws and requirements. For example, they must know local building codes and ordinances that apply to the type of facilities they work with, and then verify that their company stays in compliance. They must also be aware of and stay in compliance with federal regulations, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Employee Management

While property service managers perform some repair and maintenance work themselves, they typically don’t handle all of the manual labor tasks. Instead, depending on the size of their company, they might supervise a team that includes custodians, handymen, painters, groundskeepers and others whose primary responsibilities are performing maintenance and repair tasks.

Sourcing Contractors

Since it’s not likely that companies with property service managers on staff handle all of their maintenance and repair work in-house, some managers are responsible for finding and building relationships with outside contractors. Depending on the company’s needs, this might include roofers, painters, asphalt companies, flooring contractors and pest control services.


Property service managers must also purchase the supplies needed to properly maintain the facilities for which they are responsible. This includes sourcing vendors for items like cleaning supplies, light bulbs, building supplies and equipment, and air filters. Duties might also involve sending out requests for proposal, negotiating contracts, placing orders and managing inventory.

Quality Control

Since property service managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their facilities are kept up at all times, they must verify the quality of work performed. This requires overseeing the work performed by employees and contractors to ensure it is up to standard and meets regulatory requirements.


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