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What Are the Duties of Premises Officers?

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A premises officer is responsible for maintaining the sites on which a company conducts its business, or an organization runs its operation. The premises officer must ensure a safe and clean environment for employees and manage security systems relating the the physical site itself. It is a physically demanding job that requires excellent attention to detail.


Security with regard to physical attributes and people falls within the premises officer's responsibilities. Functions will include regular testing of alarm and fire safety systems; administering and authorizing key holders; locking and unlocking buildings and entry points; and monitoring any surveillance equipment. They may also need to operate a checking system for visitors to sign in and out of the premises (this is performed as a safety measure should there be a fire alarm and all people need to be accounted for).


A premises officer is also responsible for the general maintenance of the premises. Besides maintaining security features, he may be called upon to perform minor repairs, small decorating jobs and monitor the heating and lighting systems. He will also contract outside agencies to perform larger maintenance tasks and supervize their completion.


In the area of health and safety, the premises officer maintains the cleanliness of the premises. This may involve management of waste collection and removal; responding to leaks and spillages within the premises; and removing litter and graffiti from the outside of the premises.


Depending upon the size of the organization for which he works, the premises officer may be responsible for supervising other members of staff engaged in cleaning and maintenance duties. He will monitor their performance and may be asked to contract out certain services within a prescribed budget.


The premises officer must be very people-oriented, always looking to ensure that employees and visitors experience the premises in the most comfortable manner possible. He must have good communication skills and a personable manner, particularly when dealing with visitors as a representative of their employer. He must be well-organized and be able to multi-task.


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