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What Are the Duties of a Site Foreman?

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The construction industry will grow by 5 percent in 2017, according to McGraw-Hill Construction’s Dodge Outlook Report, spearheaded by large infrastructure projects and new office building construction. The growth will open new positions in the construction sector, including that of site foreman, which has various duties.

Managing Workers

A site foreman prepares a work schedule and supervises construction workers. He is also responsible for the safety of other workers. He carries out frequent safety checks and trains other employees to safely handle equipment and tools. Some of his management duties fall within the human-resource scope; he should be well-versed in principles and procedures of personnel recruitment, selection, training, compensation and other labor-related issues. His mandate also covers taking or recommending disciplinary action on deserving cases.

Quality Control

A site foreman conducts tests and inspection of products and services to ensure they meet quality standards. It is his responsibility to ensure that a project is completed to the acceptable standards. He must also be able to understand from blueprints how the finished project will look. So, an eye for detail is important for anyone seeking to excel as a site foreman.

Communicating with Stakeholders

A site foreman finds himself performing other tasks besides his typical duties. These tasks may include giving clients tours of the project, and updating them on their product’s progress. He also communicates with others involved in the project to convey necessary information. Architects, engineers, planners and surveyors, he briefs on certain aspects of the project.

Financial Control

A site foreman is in charge of financial resources allocated to a project, and accounts for expenditures. He recommends purchases and other direct expenditures and ensures that a project is completed within budget. In addition to these responsibilities, he is expected to have knowledge in economics and accounting principles and practices. He also analyzes financial data.

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