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What Are the Duties of a Confidential Secretary?

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A confidential secretary provides a variety of secretarial, administrative and office support for her supervisor or the executive chairman of a corporation. She acts in confidential capacity to the chairman, and the responsibilities given to her are usually dictated and are complex compared with the lower level secretarial tasks. Thorough knowledge of office terminology, good spoken English, accuracy and good judgment are some of the skills a confidential secretary is required to have.

Office Support

A confidential secretary is responsible for carrying out specially assigned tasks. He provides secretarial and administrative responsibilities in the office. When attending meetings he takes the minutes and transcribes legal documents. He also types confidential reports, advertisements and contracts. He handles confidential calls and composes letters which require official signatures. He makes travel arrangements for the chairman or company chief executive officer and manages her schedule. In addition, he communicates to other parties on behalf of his employer through emails, letters and telephone.

Technical Skills

She is involved in procurement and operating of the required office equipment and materials such as photocopiers, printers and fax machines. She assists and administers executive projects and ensures laid down project goals and objectives are achieved. She ensures that she understands current issues in the industry she works in so as to become a technical resource person. She also writes regular reports such as financial reports.


A confidential secretary collects information and data necessary for the successful writing of reports. He also maintains and codes confidential company files. These files are arranged and recorded in numerical or chronological order. He also proofreads these research records nd other documents to ensure accurateness and compliance with policies and regulations. He also compiles data for various purposes such as legal or financial requirements.

Professional Relationships

The confidential secretary is in charge of projects that require completion in a timely manner and is required to have the ability to travel where projects are situated. She fosters cooperative working relationships with project stakeholders, intergovernmental groups and community organizations. Another task that she carries out is to attend meetings and forums and to prepare conference halls. One of her clerical duties is to train clerical staff who are at a lower level.

Evaluation and Monitoring

A confidential secretary carries out evaluations on various situations and provides advice on the appropriate action to be taken. He coordinates programs and activities to ensure that equipment and services are provided on time to avoid delays. In addition, he audits these program activities to ensure that they are being carried out in compliance with the laid-down rules and regulations.


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