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What Are the Qualities of a Good Secretary?

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Many corporate environments require the services of a secretary to answer phones, organize files and complete other administrative tasks. However, while the tasks for a secretary may seem menial, they are paramount to the successful operation of an office environment. There are several key qualities required of a good secretary.


A good secretary must be organized to a fault, particularly if she is responsible for working with several departments at once. This consists of neatly and properly filing paperwork, keeping supplies organized and maintaining filing cabinets. She should be able to locate files and paperwork within a moment's notice, and know where all office materials are located.

Phone Manners

The crux of a secretary's responsibilities consist of answering the phone. This may be centered on transferring calls around the office or dealing with clients or customers. He should have a professional phone answering voice and be polite at all times. He must be knowledgeable about basic company information and have the ability to efficiently transfer calls around the company with ease.


Secretaries should have the ability to solve problems with little or no direction. This might consist of small issues, such as conflicting conference room scheduling and depleted supply rooms, to larger issues, such as a customer crisis. She should know the right person to assist the customer with such issues, or how to facilitate between departments to resolve issues efficiently.

Typing Skills

Secretaries type a great deal of written communication for an office, so their typing skills must be on par. He should have solid grammar and writing skills, and maintain diligence about proofreading all company correspondence. A good secretary should also have steady typing speed, so he can produce numerous written letters, emails and other correspondence over the course of a day.


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