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Office Coordinator Duties

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, office coordinators earned an annual median salary of $27,190 in 2011. Some organizations refer to them as office clerks. Office coordinators are part of the administrative team responsible for the smooth running of the organization and they often interact with executive, managing and communications directors, and human resource and finance managers, too.


The office coordinator receives all communications into the company, including e-mail, phone, fax and postal mail, and transfers it to the correct departments. He also is responsible for outgoing mail, shipping and receiving of packages and maintains mailing or contacts lists. He also sends memos and reminders to the administrative team.


The office coordinator performs administrative duties, which include compiling reports, controlling the firm’s database, maintaining common spaces and assisting other staff in the office. Other administrative duties include scheduling interviews for the human resource manager, staff orientation, maintaining office schedules and securing office supplies.

Organizational Support

The office coordinator links all departments together for the smooth running of the organization. He coordinates with groups within the business to ensure the implementation of new programs and policies, prepares meeting logistics and offers advice on strategies to improve services and customer relations. The office coordinator also helps to make travel arrangements for senior staff, and helps the organization maintain relations with partners and suppliers.

Office Management

An office coordinator organizes office equipment maintenance, ensures that the office is clean and that each staff member has the necessary supplies. He also helps the finance office to monitor office credit card purchases, reconciles monthly bills and performs invoice coding.

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