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Office Coordinator Job Description

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An office coordinator will have a variety of duties, answer to executives and /or second level management. The office coordinator is also known by other titles, for instance secretary, office assistant or administrative assistant, as listed by the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition. The job title will vary according to the industry, but the basic job description remains the same.


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For most organizations the office coordinator is the front line presenting a professional image to the public. Duties of the position include scheduling appointments, answering inquiries, typing memos and other correspondence, creating and maintaining databases and compiling various reports.


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Computer skills that an office coordinator needs include word processing, database creation/maintenance and desktop publishing. Knowledge of the computer operating system's tools is important. Experience with various telephone systems is a plus.


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Office coordinators often are responsible for regular office supply inventory, purchase and restocking.


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The office coordinator answers to supervisors, administrators, chief operating officers or business owners. The hierarchy will vary according to the organization. Communications generally include reports regarding the daily operation of the office.

Other Duties

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An office coordinator's job description may also include managing financial records, paying bills, disbursing petty cash and keeping receipts, reimbursing employees, keeping payroll records up to date, and managing employee benefits packages including insurance plans.