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Coordinator Job Descriptions

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Coordinators perform a wide variety of duties throughout many types of organizations. The coordinator is a little like an administrative assistant and a scheduler. They often work for executive staff members, managers or departments. Coordinators are critical to keeping an organization operating smoothly and free from chaos. These professionals can be very valuable members of any team when they are efficient and fully supported by management.

Common Duties

There are many types of coordinators, including marketing coordinators, event coordinators, program coordinators, sales coordinators and media or publicity coordinators. However, all coordinator positions have several things in common. The require the coordinator to plan meetings, arrange for corporate travel and assist in presentation materials, handouts and schedules.

Marketing Coordinators

Marketing coordinators are professionals who assist in the marketing of products and services. They provide organizational and communication support to the marketing staff. The marketing coordinator coordinates and prepares speed-to-market meetings, which are those that deal with moving a new product or service to market as quickly as possible. The coordinator is the liaison between production and the marketing team in regards to all speed-to-market issues. The coordinator organizes and distributes meeting agendas, emails and documents for all meeting activity and manages the information for the marketing team, including presentation materials, handouts and meeting summary statements. The average marketing coordinator salary is $43,000, according to

Human Resource Coordinators

Human Resource coordinators are responsible for assisting the Human Resources manager and department generalists. They provide day-to-day administrative support including answering the phone, scheduling meetings, coordinating travel, coordinating presentations and maintaining the department calendar. The HR coordinator assists in the administration functions of the HR department and maintains the compliance of policies and regulations. The HR coordinator is the liaison between HR and all other departments. They take requisitions orders for personnel replacements and coordinate the interview schedules with department managers. The average human resources coordinator salary is $45,000, according to

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators are hired by event companies, wedding planners, universities, recruiting agencies, municipalities and many other industries. The event coordinator is responsible for preparing communications and materials for event guests and are responsible for booking attendees, groups and organizations. The event coordinator is responsible for organizing the event agenda, the guest speakers and assists in the seating arrangements. Maintaining continued communication with the event manager and planners is also essential to the role. The coordinator visits and supervises the setup of the event location and related details. The average event coordinator salary is $38,000, according to

Recruiting Coordinators

Recruiting coordinators are responsible for providing administrative support to an organization's recruiting department. The coordinator arranges interviews and travel for candidates and creates interview schedules and books conference rooms for recruiting meetings and recruiting purposes. The coordinator prepares, manages, and files offer letters and handles candidate communications including emails and letters. The coordinator starts a new-employee file, including all recruitment-related materials, and turns it over to the Human Resources department upon the hiring of a new person. The average recruiting coordinator salary is $37,000, according to


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