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Communications Coordinator Job Description

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Effective communication within an organization can make a significant contribution in enhancing productivity and building positive workplace relationships. Communication coordinators implement an organization’s communication strategies and work toward improving its public image. These coordinators can be hired by public and private organizations in a wide range of industries, from health care and banking to manufacturing and agriculture.

Doing the Job

Superior communication skills are essential for a communication coordinator. She needs to have strong speaking skills for presentations, as well as interpersonal and problem-solving skills to develop relationships and create effective solutions to communication problems.

Releasing Information

A. ommunication coordinator sends information to social media channels and other communication platforms. For example, when a company has big news to share with consumers, the communication coordinator writes effective press releases and may distribute them to television and radio stations, websites and newspapers. Communication coordinators also manage communication budgets, write and edit online articles for a company's websites and blogs, and respond to information requests from workers, shareholders and the public.

Planning Events

Communication coordinators also plan and manage events, such as product launches, maintain organizations' communication records and participate in the designing or redesigning of company logos and signage. They also may write speeches for an organization's top managers, arrange interviews and coordinate in-house communication courses for employees.

Getting There

Completing a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or marketing can qualify you for employment as a communication coordinator. Although not mandatory, obtaining a relevant certification through the International Association of Business Communicators improves your professional standing and desirability to employers. Communication coordinators who complete a master’s degree in communications can become directors of communications. Communication coordinators earn an average salary of $49,000, according to Simply Hired, a website career information.


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