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How to Address a Letter to the President of an Organization

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A business letter follows a strict, professional format, and the address and salutation should adhere to basic business letter guidelines. When you're writing a letter to the president of a company, make sure to identify the president by name. If you do not know the person's name, give the company a call to confirm the name and its spelling. You want to personalize your letter directly to the president in order for it to be as effective as it can be.

Type the president's name and title at the top left of the business letter, just underneath your letterhead and the date. Skip one line after the date and write the president's full name, preceded by a courtesy title. For example, you could write "Mr. Thomas Perez."

Provide the president's title on the following line. Type "President" on its own line underneath the president's name.

Include the company name and address on the next lines. Type the full name of the company underneath the "President" line. Include the company's street address on the next line followed by the city, state and zip code on the following line.

Insert one empty line, and include the salutation. Use the courtesy title and the president's last name in the salutation, such as "Dear Mr. Perez." Place a comma after the last name.


Begin your business letter after the salutation. Enter one empty line, and then start typing the body of your letter.

Use a professional closing in your business letter to the president, such as "Sincerely." Include three empty lines below the closing and type your name below the empty spaces. Sign your name in the blank area above your typed name before dropping your letter in the mail.