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How to Identify Attachments & Copies in Business Letters

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The tasks of administrative professionals vary widely. Throughout the years, the administrative professional has adapted to new technology: Computers have replaced typewriters, and emails and faxes have supplanted snail-mail correspondence. However, traditional business letters still need to be written at times. Despite the advent of new technology, the method to identify attachments and copies in business letters remains the same.

Type your business letter, and once complete, press the "Enter" key twice to leave two lines under the signature block or identification line of your letter. Set or maintain a flush left alignment for this section of your document.

Type the word "Enclosure" or "Enclosures," depending on the number of attachments you will include. The abbreviation "Enc." or "Encs." is also acceptable. Type a space, then the number of attachments if you have more than one. For example, your line may look like this: Encs. 2.

Alternatively, if you have an important attachment, you may want to identify it. Type the name of the attachment on the same line. You also can provide instructions to the sender on this line. For example, your line may look like this: Enc. NDA (to be returned).

Press the "Enter" key twice to leave two lines under the enclosure block.

Type "cc:", one space, and the full name or the initials of the copy recipient. Place additional names or initials on separate lines. Do not repeat the "cc" on each line.


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