How to Annotate an Enclosure in a Cover Letter

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According to Webster’s Dictionary, to annotate means “to write explanatory notes or critical notes on or for (a book or document)." This is the case when it comes to understanding how to annotate an enclosure in a cover letter. An enclosure means any additional documents that you have included with your cover letter, such as a resume, letters of recommendation or transcripts proving that you have a college degree. While it may seem obvious that the recipient of your cover letter would figure out that there are additional documents in the envelope, annotating enclosures is a sign of professionalism.

Cover Letter Enclosures

Create a list of the enclosures you will be including with your cover letter.

List enclosures at the end of your cover letter after your signature.

Skip two lines after your typed name at the end of your cover letter.

Type the word “Enclosure:” on the third line after your name for a single enclosure. Use "Enclosures:" for two or more enclosures. Capitalize the word and follow it with a colon. Some people choose to abbreviate the word as "Encl." This is not the preferred or best way to accomplish the task.

Skip one line and begin your list of enclosures. Each item of your enclosure list should appear on its own line. So, if you have three enclosures, you will need three lines to list them. You should not list the number of pages instead of the individual titles of the enclosure(s). Nor should you try to save space by listing your enclosure(s) on one line.


Keep your cover letter to a single page, including your list of enclosures.

Make sure you spell everything correctly and list your enclosures in the order they appear in your application packet.

When sending multiple enclosures, use a large envelope so the papers are not folded multiple times. An envelope that measures 8.25 inches by 11.25 inches holds standard U.S. paper without having to be folded.

If you run out of space on your page to list your enclosure(s), try adjusting the top and bottom margins of your document.


You can annotate enclosures by simply putting the word “Enclosure” (still capitalized but without the colon) after your signature on your cover letter. This is OK if there is only one enclosure. It is not as professional as listing each individual enclosure, however. Pieces of application packets may be misplaced or lost. Without a list of each enclosure, the person reviewing your application is unlikely to notice that something is missing.