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How to Format Multiple Job Titles in Your Signature

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When you're sending business correspondence, more is not always better. Potential employers, clients and business associates might need to know your job titles. However, there's no need to include an entire biography in the signature line of emails or letters -- those last few lines of correspondence where you put your name and provide information about yourself. As Kat Neville of Smashing Magazine put it, the job titles you include should be "pertinent" to the correspondence you are sending. In other words, the recipient should have a reason for caring about your various titles.

Separate with Dashes

The typical formatting for job titles in the signature line is to either write your name, a comma and then the job title; or put the job title or titles on the line underneath your name. If you have multiple titles the recipient needs to know about -- for example, if you're a vice president as well as the principal architect of your firm -- separate them by slashes. In this example, you might type "Company VP/Principal Architect." On the other hand, if your other job title has nothing to do with the job -- such as if you're a party clown on the side -- don't include the title that is not pertinent. If you have more than two pertinent job titles, include them on the same line as the others, also separated by slashes. Next, follow it with contact information, using no more than two or three lines for the signature.


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