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HR Admin Assistant Job Description

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A human resources administrative assistant provides general office support such as screening telephone calls and managing HR executives’ calendars. She also oversees specific HR functions, including maintaining employee files and handling questions regarding payroll and benefits. Median annual salary for an HR assistant is $37,510, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.


An HR assistant must demonstrate professionalism and accountability as she works with sensitive employee records, including compensation and performance management data. She completes paperwork and data entry for employee promotions, disciplinary actions, and terminations. An assistant supports recruiting initiatives by scheduling candidate interviews, conducting background searches on job applicants, coordinating new-hire orientation, and verifying citizenship requirements.

Employee Relations

Interactions with employees represent a significant component in an HR administrative assistant’s job description. She fields employee and managerial inquiries on issues involving wages, taxes, medical coverage, and time-off policies, including vacation and sick leave. She also organizes employee events such as awards luncheons and company picnics.

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Employers typically prefer at least two years of administrative experience and an associate degree, according to Education-Portal.com. Basic computer skills are critical because an HR assistant must learn to use HR-specific software.

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