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Job Description of an HR Secretary

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A human resources secretary is responsible for assisting human resources directors and managers. The HR secretary typically should have at least a high school diploma and be skilled in organizing, typing and multitasking. Those who hire HR secretaries often look for candidates they deem to be reliable and trustworthy, because HR secretaries come in contact with confidential information.

Interact With Guests and Applicants

The HR secretary is often the first person potential employees and job applicants see within an organization. She is responsible for greeting guests and instructing them in general terms about the job application process. She may answer general questions about a company or organization. She is responsible for working with an HR manager to set up appointments between company managers and job applicants. In some cases, this may involve arranging for transportation and lodging for job applicants.

Clerical Work

The HR secretary is responsible for maintaining reports and files. This work is sometimes associated with job applications, but more often deals with paperwork that relates to current employees and policies. The HR secretary is responsible for ensuring that up-to-date information is on file for company employees. She also is responsible for organizing employee files in a way that is logical and easy to use.

Attend Meetings

The HR secretary attends meetings with the HR manager and other managers when corporate policy or initiatives are discussed. The HR secretary must take copious notes of meetings and then draft reports that include information from the discussions. She will edit and proofread documents that include human resources-related information. She creates job descriptions and posts them online or in other places where they will be noticed.

Employee Orientation

The HR secretary is responsible for working with the HR manager in seeing that all new employees receive an orientation. In addition to scheduling an orientation room and an orientation session, she is responsible for seeing that each new employee receives an employee handbook and is aware of the types of insurance, 401k plans and employee benefit programs for which he is eligible.

Serve as Liaison

The HR secretary works as a liaison between employees and an HR manager. The HR secretary is responsible for helping employees find general answers to their questions. This includes helping employees understand company policies and practices. When an employee has specific questions that relate to his personal affairs, the HR secretary should direct them to the HR manager.