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HR Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

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Most organizations have a department dedicated to supporting its employees, referred to as human resources, or HR. An HR assistant supports other human resources professionals and the organization’s employees. HR assistants play a critical role in creating and maintaining employee records, playing close attention to the confidentiality of the information.


Applicants for HR assistant work should have a high school diploma or GED for HR assistant occupations. Good computer and typing skills are also required, because much of the work in HR involves using computer systems and typing. Good communication and interpersonal skills are critical for the job, because HR assistants work closely with all levels of employees and job applicants. Because they work with private employee information, HR assistants much know how to keep information confidential.


HR assistants compile and process employee records. They prepare new and existing employees’ personal information, track their attendance and time off, compile salary and termination information and benefit programs. They store employee information confidentially and accurately in secured files and computer systems.


The human resources staff often includes managers, generalists, benefits administrators and recruiters. HR assistants supports HR staff by gathering employee information and files for their review, answering phones and taking notes during departmental meetings. They post job openings, gather resumes and applicant information and schedule interviews. They also support employees all around the company by answering questions about employment files, time-off, benefit plans and other information related to their employee records.


HR assistants compile a variety of reports. This can include weekly, monthly and yearly reports for other departments, such as payroll and accounting to assist in the creation and distribution of paychecks. They also create all documentation for employee records. They often tally and create reports related to employee training and surveys, then work with other HR professionals to improve employee retention and address their training needs.

Careers and Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts about 11 percent growth in the number of jobs for HR assistants through 2020. This growth compares to the 14 percent average growth predicted for all U.S occupations. The reason is that technology is being used to maintain more employee records, requiring less staff. In 2011, the average salary was $38,330 per year, according to the BLS.


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