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Personnel Department Duties

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A personnel, or human resources, department is a department within an organization that is responsible for all employee services. This department's duties include attracting, maintaining and motivating employees while ensuring an organization's goals are met and values are upheld. A personnel department may include one or many employees depending on the size of the organization.

Organizational Policy

Ensuring an organization's goals are met and values are upheld involves creating organizational policies. Personnel staff work with top executives to create and enforce policies for all employees within the organization. These policies are documented and distributed by the personnel department to employees, which is often referred to as an employee handbook.

Employee Relations

Working with executives, the personnel department develops and manages employee programs and ensures the equitable treatment of employees. This includes gathering information regarding factors affecting the employees' dedication to the organization in an attempt to identify ways to improve employee morale and retention.

Employee Information

A personnel department organizes, maintains and secures each employee's records and documentation for the organization. This includes salary, benefits, performance reviews and other documents. Documents and records are typically stored in files, as well as a secured human resources database. This information is used for a variety of reasons such as payroll, and local, state and federal employee laws.

Recruitment and Selection

Working with managers and top executives, personnel professionals recruit and select employees as needed. When jobs become available, the personnel department posts job openings, recruits candidates, performs preliminary interviews and works with managers and executives to select employees that meet the organization's standards and goals.


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