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HR Practitioner Job Description

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A HR practitioner is a person who works within the human resources department in a company or organization. Duties are varied and include finding candidates to fill job vacancies, writing job descriptions and person specifications, assisting employees with any problems they are experiencing and ensuring all paperwork such as employment contracts are up-to-date. HR practitioners often specialize in a variety of sectors.

Recruitment Specialists

A HR practitioner working as a recruitment specialist is responsible for hiring new people to work within a business. The role includes sourcing new staff, attending work fairs, interviewing, screening and testing potential candidates. The role of a recruitment specialist is finding the best person with the relevant skills to fill a vacancy.

Training Specialists

Some HR practitioners may work as training specialists. This involves leading a variety of training courses for employees already working within a business. This could be the initial training of new staff or team leader training for those wishing to progress within the company.

Employee Benefits Specialists

HR Practitioners are also employed within the employee benefits sector of a company. This includes administering health insurance and retirement plans. A HR practitioner working in this area must have up-to-date knowledge of the company's health care benefits. State or Federal legislation is often introduced that may affect these benefits. It is the role of the HR practitioner within this sector to keep employees informed of any changes.


Education requirements vary depending on which sector a HR practitioner wishes to specialize in. Generally, it is expected that those entering the profession are college graduates who have majored in human resources or human resources administration. It also important to either work in a junior administration role or as an intern to gain further experience.


The annual salary for a HR practitioner varies widely between organizations and the area in which practitioners specialize. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual salary for those working in recruitment, employment and placement was $45,470 in May 2008.


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