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What is the Meaning of Personnel Administration?

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Personnel administration is another term for a human resources (HR) job. Duties of a personnel administrator include hiring and training employees, carrying out evaluations and handling employee grievances.


A personnel administrator will usually be charged with the task of keeping employee files up-to-date. They also may be in charge or involved with the hiring process; these duties include interviewing potential candidates and developing training protocol. Workers in personnel administration also perform employee evaluations, counsel employees on their benefits such as health care, and ensure employees are content and comfortable in their place of work by addressing grievances and resolving conflicts between employees.

Training and Education

Most workers in personnel administration come to the field with at least a bachelor's degree. Most universities to not offer undergraduate degrees in HR or personnel administration, but behavioral and social sciences as well as business administration classes are useful. Many employers look for experience, which can be gained through work-study jobs, internships or by performing basic administrative duties for a company.


According to a survey done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers in 2009, graduates with a bachelor's degree in HR were offered starting annual salaries at an average $45,170e. According to the Bureau of Labor Stastics, human resources, training, and labor relations sSpecialists earned an average of $59,070 a year as of May, 2009. This increases to $105,510 at the management level.


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