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How to Become an HR Manager

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A bachelor's degree is the standard educational requirement for an entry-level role in human resources management. For higher-level management positions, you may need a master's degree and practical experience.

Educational Background

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that a bachelor's degree in human resources or business administration is common for HR managers. Courses in organizational behavior, supervision, management finance and industrial relations are common in these degree programs. A Master of Business Administration with a specialization in human resources is a common advanced degree option for HR managers.

Experience and Skill Development

HR managers often need to build experience in an HR department through roles in benefits or planning. You may start as an HR coordinator to get involved in all facets of the HR system in an organization. During training and work experience, it is important to develop skills in leadership and decision-making to become an effective manager. You also need strong organizational skills to keep tabs on many facets of HR, including benefits, payroll, recruitment and selection, and training. Interpersonal and communication skills are also helpful in building rapport with HR staff and other employees in the organization.


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