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What Are the Duties of HR?

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People are an organization's most important resource. The Human Resources (HR) department has the ongoing duty of managing all the employee-related aspects of the company.


The HR department is responsible for finding candidates for open positions. Working with department managers, HR interviews and selects new employees.


The HR office makes sure that employees are up-to-date on all necessary training and certifications necessary to perform their jobs. HR also seeks out training and educational opportunities to better all employees.

Payroll and Benefits

HR ensures that employees are compensated properly and keeps track of benefits, raises and bonuses.


Human Resources must not only find employees, but work to keep them as well. This is accomplished through an assortment of programs, such as rewards, recognition and company parties.

Conflict Resolution

HR professionals also handle conflict between employees, between employees and managers or even between an employee and a benefit provider, such as a health insurance company.