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Benefits Coordinator Job Description

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A benefits coordinator is junior level human resources professional. She supports the benefits department of a company by performing all operational and transactional tasks required to design and administer employee benefits. This is typically an entry-level role accepted by a candidate who is interested in pursuing a career within compensation and benefits.

Job Responsibilities

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A benefits coordinator supports an individual or team within the benefits department of a company. He performs all transactional duties in relation to administering medical, dental, vision, life, flexible spending and retirement benefits. He may assist in the counseling of employees regarding the use of benefits. He may assist in delivering benefits orientation to new employees. He maintains all employee records.

Job Opportunities

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Benefits coordinators are employed by most companies of all sizes. There are found across all industries. Additionally, benefits coordinators are employed in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Government agencies also employ benefits coordinators. A candidate seeking this type of employment can apply directly to the company, organization or government agency for which he would like to work. These roles may also be advertised in the classified section of local newspapers. Additionally, open benefits coordinator roles may be posted on online job search boards such as, and Professional organizations such as the Society for Human Resource Management and WorldatWork provide an abundance of resources and networking opportunities for candidates seeking employment opportunities within the field. Candidates may also find jobs posted on niche industry specific job boards such as Additionally, many staffing agencies focus specifically on the placement of junior human resources professionals.

Qualitative Requirements

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To be a successful benefits coordinator, a candidate must maintain confidential information regarding the personal and medical history of her firm's employees. She should possess strong oral and written communication skills, as she may be required to serve as intermediary between the benefits department, employees and external vendors such as insurance companies. She must also possess exceptional interpersonal skills, as she will be interacting with the entire employee population, from senior management down to individuals who work in the mailroom.

Educational Requirements

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To be a benefits coordinator, a candidate must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Though not required by all employers, most Fortune 500 companies require successful candidates to possess a four-year degree within human resource management or a related field of study.

Average Compensation

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According to, the average benefits clerk working in the United States in 2009 earns an annual base salary of $35,324. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the employment of human resources professional to increase by 17 percent from 2006 through 2016.


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