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Administrative Assistant III Job Description

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An administrative assistant is not just an administrative assistant. Administrative assistants assigned with the grade III perform highly complex and more difficult administrative issues, at times even directing administrative assistants I and II. The administrative assistant III usually works directly with heads of the department. High-level administrative skills are handled in the most professional manner by these individuals.


The administrative assistant III analyzes complex organizational and procedural guidelines. She usually holds supervisory position over lower-end clerical staff. This includes training, checking work production and conformance of clerical staff. This assistant observes, compares and monitors data that must be input into management reports. She explains and at times remedies technical budget issues. She conducts complex research, prepares statistical reports and handles confidential requests for information. In general, the administrative assistant III prepares correspondences, arranges conference calls and schedules meetings.


Persons wanting to enter the administrative assistant field benefit from taking high school courses related to office skills and enrolling in vocational education programs that develop office and administrative skills. Courses in office administration teach keyboarding, oral communication and functional grammar, punctuation and spelling. An administrative assistant III holding a bachelor’s degree in office administration has an even greater chance of procuring positions in this field.


An administrative assistant III should show the ability to be competent in many areas. The professional in this industry has knowledge of technical and functional expertise. She understands the business in which she performs administrative duties. Grounded in achieving results and serving the customer is a strong ability the assistant exhibits. Since the administrative assistant has employees working under her, she has a strong sense of teamwork and demonstrates interpersonal and communication skills with staff and clients. She has personal effectiveness on the team and demonstrates excellent leadership ability.


The administrative assistant III manages personal time and the time of others well. Listening attentively is a skill the administrative assistant must acquire as he deals with issues that need to be solved on a daily basis. Listening attentively allows the assistant to solve the problem quickly the first time around. He is able to use math to solve problems. The administrative assistant III also has the knowledge of using personnel principles and office management practices.

Salary and Occupational Outlook

According to Salary, as of May 2010 an administrative assistant at level III earns within the salary range of $34,507 to $55,118. These salaries vary by state, experience and credentials. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says occupational growth for administrative assistants in general will increase 11 percent by the year 2018. Administrative assistants in the health care and social assistance industries are among the fastest growing.


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