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What Are the Job Duties of a Journeyman Meterman?

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A journeyman meterman, or meter technician, sets up and manages electric metering equipment. Employers typically require a high school diploma or the equivalent for an entry-level position as an apprentice. An apprentice meterman must then learn all aspects of the work through on-the-job-training and class instruction before advancing to journeyman status. In addition, certification is available from the American Society for Quality. According to Indeed, the average annual salary of a journeyman meterman as of October 2014 was $82,000.

Basic Tasks

A journeyman meterman is responsible for wiring, rebuilding, testing and maintaining metering equipment. He keeps accurate records of his work and keeps the equipment records current. His duties also include checking the work of electrical contractors while he works on meters and investigating consumers' complaints -- for example, about voltage irregularities or excessive bills.

Oversight of Equipment

A journeyman meterman oversees the materials, equipment, vehicles and tools that technicians use on electric metering systems. The journeyman operates heavy equipment, such as pulling equipment and aerial lift trucks. In addition, she programs, installs and downloads current, voltage and disturbance recorders on consumers’ equipment. Keeping track of inventory is another critical duty.

Other Job Requirements

A journeyman meterman must have a valid vehicle operator's license with a satisfactory driving record. The meterman must be courteous and efficient when working with members of the public. Careful attention to detail and physical fitness are also essential to the job. This worker must be able to work independently and as part of a team. The duties of a journeyman meterman include helping to train new apprentices as meter technicians.

Knowledge Requirements

A journeyman meterman needs an thorough understanding of accident prevention rules and regulations. A practical knowledge of Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations is critical. In addition, a journeyman meterman needs a strong technical knowledge of metering tools, equipment and materials. He can effectively work from blueprints, sketches, specifications and maps when handling electric metering systems. He receives continuing education through training sessions and safety and planning meetings.


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