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How to Become an Ohio Elevator Inspector

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Every U.S. state and most major city has an elevator inspection department or division. These departments employ elevator inspectors who work with builders and building owners to assure the safety of any new or modified elevator systems. Elevator inspectors are experienced professionals in the field who are also charged with inspecting equipment, interviewing witnesses and determining probable cause(s) after an elevator accident. Most states, including Ohio, require that elevator inspectors have a high school diploma or GED and be nationally certified through the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) QEI certification process in order to work as elevator inspectors.

Work as an elevator installer or repair technician or in a related field for at least four years to gain the requisite experience to become an elevator inspector trainee. This experience must include at least 48 months of work with electronics or electrical maintenance, and 24 months of work with blueprints, wiring diagrams and other schematics.

Go through the ASME QEI certification process while you are working as an elevator inspector trainee. The QEI certification process is a rigorous series of trainings and exams that covers all areas of elevator installation, repair and safety.

Gain work experience before you apply for work as an elevator inspector. Even after you are certified in most cases you will remain a trainee for at least a year or two until a regular elevator inspector position opens up.


The cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati have their own elevator inspectors and Ohio state elevator inspectors do not work in those cities, so there are three separate organizations that hire elevator inspectors in Ohio.

Because of the relatively high pay and prestige elevator inspectors jobs are generally highly sought after, so applicants with the most experience, professional certifications and so forth are more likely to be hired.


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