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How to Get a Journeyman's Card

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A journeyman is a person who has completed both an apprenticeship program and required vocational studies, and has passed an exam to be eligible for certification. This involves finding an established journeyman to train under and completing a set numbers of work hours. You can become a journeyman in several fields, such as carpentry, electrical work and baking. The requirements are overseen by both state and federal laws and a Apprenticeship Committee in your area. Becoming a journeyman requires a high degree of training.

Enroll in vocational training, which will provide you with the basic skills necessary to become an apprentice. While this step is not strictly necessary, most trades require specific entry-level skills and ensuring that you possess them will better prepare you for seeking an apprenticeship.

Contact your vocational institute for information to help you approach your local apprenticeship committee, where you can get information and an outline of the hours needed and the instruction you will need.

Find a journeyman to apprentice with. The apprenticeship committee does not match you up, so you will need to find a journeyman to hire you. You will be paid on a scale relative to the journeyman's wages, with regular increases.

Complete all the training hours needed and take the courses required by your apprenticeship program. Generally, this will take four years, but can take anywhere from one year to six years, depending on the field.

Pass the certification test when you've met all prerequisites. You must re-certify every few years as a journeyman, meaning you will need ongoing education.


You can start an apprenticeship program without vocational training; however, the training can help you decide if the job is actually for you and if there are any specialties you would like to pursue.


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