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Junior Estimator Job Description

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A junior estimator calculates and estimates the expected cost of construction of a given project. The junior estimator also forecasts how long it will take to complete the project. His job mainly entails helping the contractor to make profitable and competitive bids by coming up with all the cost information needed for construction projects.

Education and Certification

The minimum educational requirement for a junior estimator is a degree in engineering, construction science or construction management. It is not a must for a junior estimator to be certified, but certification increases her job prospects, especially if she intends to work for the federal government. Certification can be attained from The American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE).

Responsibilities and Duties

A junior estimator is responsible for assisting the contractor in winning bids. He is charged with the responsibility of reviewing data and documents like analysis reports, purchase orders and also subcontracts. An estimator prepares updates and project estimates. He is in charge of filing documents like receipts and purchase orders. He is responsible for gathering information to be used to produce the project estimate.

Desirable and Technical Skills

An estimator should have excellent customer service skills. She should be good in verbal and oral communication. She should have good time management and scheduling skills. She should be able to work under constant pressure. She should be proficient in using computer applications. An estimator should be good in mathematics, especially algebra, calculus and statistics. She should have basic engineering knowledge such as knowledge of procedures equipment and project designing. A junior estimator should be conversant with other subjects like accounting and economics. She should also be knowledgeable about computers and electronic equipment used in construction, from processors and circuit boards to hardware and software. A junior estimator should have basic knowledge about building and construction.

Working Conditions

A junior estimator may be required to spend long hours in the office. He may also be required to travel to various construction sites and to meet clients. He should be prepared to work overtime when necessary. Sometimes, he may be required to work under pressure, especially when considering a new bid.


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According to data by PayScale, the average salary for a junior estimator was $42,300 per year as of July 2010. However, this varied according to experience, the size of the organization and the industry the estimator was working in.

Job Outlook

Cost estimator jobs are expected to grow by 25 percent between 2008 and 2018. The construction industry will account for a large increase in these jobs due to the increased construction of highways, streets, airports and subway systems.


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