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Job Description for a Secretary at a Construction Company

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In addition to having good communication, organizational, math and computer skills, construction company secretaries must also understand the construction process and terminology in order to carry out their job duties.

Clerical Duties

Construction company secretaries handle the main clerical duties for the office, including composing and typing project correspondence, sorting mail, submitting construction permit requests, scheduling meetings and making copies of documents for construction bids and projects.

Receptionist Duties

Construction company secretaries must also answer the phones, respond to general questions from clients and suppliers, write messages and transfer calls.

File Maintenance

Secretaries are responsible for organizing the project and office files including payroll documents, project billing summaries, worker’s compensation documents, blueprints, contracts and supplier invoices.


Secretaries may assist the accounting department or bookkeeper with the accounts payable, billing and payroll. This may include reviewing invoices, calculating the cost of materials and subcontractor fees, reviewing employee time cards and updating payroll and expense reports.

Data Entry

Construction company secretaries use software programs to update and keep track of the cost of building materials and labor for each project. They may also assist project managers by updating the information needed to create proposals and budget reports.