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The Responsibilities of a Construction Supervisor

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Construction supervisors are responsible for directing, planning, coordinating and budgeting activities related to the maintenance and construction of facilities, structures and systems. Participating in the conceptual development of a construction project and overseeing the scheduling, organizing and implementation is also a part of the job. Construction supervisors develop and implement quality control programs as well.


The duties required of a construction supervisor include directing and supervising other workers, obtaining all of the necessary licenses and permits, evaluating construction methods and determining the cost-effectiveness of each plan. They also determine labor requirements and dispatch workers to constructions sites. Construction supervisors prepare contracts and negotiate revisions, as well as interpretand explain contract terms and plans to co-workers, staff and clients.


The skills required to become a construction supervisor include critical thinking and math skills. Construction supervisors use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions. They put their math skills to use when making adjustments to blueprints and plans. Constructions supervisors should also have inductive reasoning skills to aid in problem solving.


Construction supervisors should have knowledge of the methods, materials and tools involved in building and repairing buildings, houses and other structures such as roads and highways. They must also have knowledge of economics and accounting, sales and marketing, administration, management and design techniques, and the principles involved in the production of precision technical plans, models, blueprints and drawings. Construction supervisors should also have knowledge of public safety and security policies, procedures and strategies.


The requirements necessary for becoming a construction supervisor include a background in building science, business and management or related work in the construction industry. A bachelor's degree in civil engineering, construction management or construction science is often required in addition to relevant work experience. Relevant courses taught in programs include site planning, design, scheduling, value analysis, inspection procedures and construction methods.

Working Conditions

Construction supervisors usually work out of offices at construction sites and often need to travel between the site and the main construction company office. Construction supervisors may have to be on call whenever delays or emergencies at the work site require it. Most construction supervisors work a standard 40-hour work week and usually have to meet special project deadlines.


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