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The Salaries of Construction Owner Representatives

Construction sites are intrinsically hectic, complicated environments in which many tasks are taking place simultaneously. Construction companies working on these projects may feel pressed to cut corners in order to get the job done while staying within the client's budget constraints. For these reasons, real estate owners who have hired construction firms may also hire owner representatives to stay on-site throughout the construction process and protect their interests.

Average Annual Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide salary information specific to construction owner representatives. However, it does provide information specific to construction managers, under whom construction owner representatives are a subgroup. What people tend to think of when they hear the term "construction manager" is the manager hired by or owning the construction company that is actually carrying out the construction project, while a construction owner representative works with this manager to ensure that his client's interests are protected. However, in order to do his job well, a construction owner representative must have a full understanding of construction management in general. As of May 2010, the bureau reports that construction managers in the U.S. enjoy a mean annual wage of $94,240.


Construction manager salaries can vary significantly from one state to another, from a low of $51,610 to a high of $131,800 per year. The top five highest-paying states were New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Alaska and California.


Construction owner representatives and other professionals who manage and oversee construction sites often focus on specific types of construction. The highest-paid construction managers operate in the field of traveler accommodation, which pays an average national wage of $139,490 per year.


Construction managers in general often have bachelor's degrees in construction science or construction management. While laws do not require such university education, having at least a bachelor's degree in a related field can help a construction owner representative develop the rapport he needs to find clients. This is particularly important in this job because owner representatives often work as independent contractors.


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