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Job Duties of a Residential Security Guard

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Residential security guards patrol private residential properties and areas, safeguarding against illegal activity, including theft, loitering, trespassing and vandalism. They generally have the authority to detain individuals who violate the law on their property until government law enforcement officials arrive.

Job Responsibilities

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It is essential for residential security guards to become extremely familiar with both the property they are protecting and the people who reside there. During the course of their shift they may make rounds, assuring that all doors are closed and locked as required. They may also be required to track and monitor all visitors to the property. They direct residents during emergency situations and serve as liaison between the property they are guarding and the local police department.

Job Opportunities

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Apartment complexes, resident care facilities for the elderly, nursing homes and dormitories all require the services of residential security guards. Additionally, they may be employed to protect gated residential communities, private estates or be engaged by residential neighborhood associations, such as Carnegie Hill Neighbors on New York City's Upper East Side.

Qualitative Requirements

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A residential security guard must be comfortable standing for long periods of time. She must also possess the ability to work under minimum supervision. Strong interpersonal skills are also important, as she will be required to interact with residents and other staff members in an affable yet professional manner.

Educational Requirements

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The successful candidate for a residential security guard position must be at least 18 years old and be physically fit. Additionally, he will be required to pass criminal background, credit and drug screenings. Previous experience within law enforcement or the military is a plus.

Average Compensation

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According to, the average security guard working in the United States in 2009 earns an annual base salary of $29,748.