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Security Officer Supervisor Duties

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The primary role of security officers is to provide protect the property, buildings and grounds and the people do business there. To execute their duties properly, security guards work in a team. A security officer supervisor coordinates all of the team's activities, such as scheduling shifts and training. He ensures that all the daily security operations run smoothly and effectively. Apart from the management role, the security officer supervisor also carries out patrol and other security duties himself.

Managing the Security Team

A security officer supervisor makes sure all the officers have reported to work and are assigned duties. He also organizes the work schedule, including the officers' rotations and breaks. At the beginning of the shift, the security officer supervisor inspects the team to ensure they are wearing their uniforms properly and have all of their equipment. He briefs the security team at the beginning of a new shift to update them on developments since the last shift and shares information about any security concerns.

Writing and Submitting Reports

A security officer supervisor documents all the daily occurrences within the security department. This includes recording all the people who visited the property, with the time they came in and when they left. The security officer supervisor also receives verbal and written reports from subordinates and takes any follow up actions that are needed. He also uses this information to compile comprehensive security reports for management.

Provision of Security

The primary role of a security officer supervisor is to protect the property and people. He does this by conducting routine patrols with his team, looking out for any suspicious persons, fires, vandalism or hazards. He also ensures that all the doors and windows are locked to prevent any unlawful entry and responds to any distress calls and alarms. It is his duty to ensure all the security systems, such as the CCTV and burglar alarms, are working properly and reports any breakdowns of the security systems to management.

Maintaining Law and Order

A security officer supervisor investigates any suspicious activities that take place. He reports unlawful activities such as theft or vandalism to law enforcement officers for further action. If he finds any trespassers or criminals during routine patrols, he detains them and calls the police.

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